Industry Overview

Driven by positive shifts brought by Industries, the business landscape keeps changing significantly.

At Tanisha Systems, our focus is to provide world class business solutions to a wide range of businesses using cutting edge IT components. Our Domain Specialty Groups (DSG) with focus on various government and industry verticals is an evolution of a strategic initiative to deliver cost effective business solutions to our clients. Knowledge of client's business is cardinal for us in providing pertinent business technology solution with better quality levels and productivity.

The Group enables our execution capabilities in all domain and business intense projects. It provides domain stewardship to the IT project teams in appreciating client's business processes better. Effective requirement management techniques and knowledgebase created by the Group helped us in efficiently analyze, captures and validate clients’ business needs to provide high quality rapid solutions at affordable prices.

We follow a client-centric Global Engagement Model that combines the expertise of senior local resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of offsite operations. Our onsite client teams are constituent of highly motivated individuals with global industry exposure. These individuals provide guidance around the changing business landscape & emerging trends to technical team to create innovative solutions. Collective experience and connected thinking help us in managing projects spanning various domains - Government, Banking & Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Life Science, Mobile, Telecom, Retail, Transport, media, Energy, Utilities and others.