Retail & Consumer Goods

Consumer market is showing signs of recovery, and companies are broadening their focus from survival—to efficiency and profitable growth. Yet industry indicators show that companies will not find the same marketplace and customer base that existed pre-recession. Globally, companies will face softer demands. Companies have to invest in cost optimization, efficiency, and innovation to improving their customers' experience. We have worked and partnered with clients to create solutions resulted in satisfied customers and increase in profits.

Tanisha Systems focus is on creating holistic customer experience across multiple sales channels with single touch points. We helped retailers to transform their consumer experience and supply chain systems with solutions like eCommerce, Supply Chain Management, Demand Management, Merchandise and Logistics Management. We also expertise in creating cloud based infrastructure with transaction based pricing models to reduce initial cost.

Our Experience & Expertise

We have worked and partnered with clients to create solutions resulted in satisfied customers and increase in profits.

Consumer Goods & Merchandizing

Businesses are required to operate with greater speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness. For a customer centric retailer, sourcing the right products and making it available at the right channel in right quantity at right price, and at right time is essential to attract customers. Our experience in Consumer Products span across Product Lifecycle Management, Customer Relationship Management, Demand Management, Sales & Marketing, and Vendor Management Systems.

Supply Chain Systems

It is important for companies to provide high-level service at low costs to stay competitive. With businesses becoming global and competition on rise, performance of companies’ supply chain will have increasingly significant impact on overall success. We can create a solution for you to manage the complete supply chain process including procurement, inventory, warehousing, transportation, and order management.

Data Analysis & Mining

It is important for a company to understand customers and their behaviors based upon different parameters to stay profitable. Retailing is not just about buying and selling, but is about predicting the future buying behavior of your customer. It is critical for retailers to obtain insights of inventory, operation and customer behavior, customer trends to stay ahead in the competition. You need a right analytics solution to capture business transactional data, and transform it into a comprehensive compass for guiding and driving your key business decisions. We with our expertise in ETL, Mining and Reporting tools can help you achieve your goals.